Fish For Health

Fish For Health

If you have ever heard the expression fish for health, then you would understand the importance of eating the right type of food to stay fit. While there are many great food sources on the market that will keep you healthy, there is always an interest in meat. This is where fish comes into the picture, and you can bet that the health nuts are making sure that the fish market is one of their stops during their busy lives. Fish is widely considered one of the better meats to eat, as it is very low in cholesterol and fat.

Options Are Plenty

Fish is enjoyed all over the world today, some of the consumption is because of the appreciation for the taste and some is solely out of necessity. Whatever the reason for its consumption, fish never seems to disappoint. There are so many options when it comes to fish, as you can choose from basically limitless locals. Fish in the markets in North America is usually brought in from many different countries, and this offers much in the diversity of the market. Many smaller countries are usually packs with markets that cater to the fish that is native to the region, and this tends to keep the options on the minimal side. With North American markets however, you can have fish from Hawaii, all the way to china. Regardless of the choices that are present, it is the cut and freshness that is important.

Picking The Perfect Fish

If you are going to pick out a whole fish to use in a recipe or cook all on its own, then you are going to need to learn how to pick the right one. Fish can spoil rather quickly if not in the right environment, and it is up to the market you are shopping at to ensure that you are getting the freshest cut possible. It is always better to opt for a fresh water fishing experience instead of relying on the market products. See for details. You are going to want to poke a fish on its side when trying to determine freshness, as this is a very good indicator. If the skin bounces right back rigidly, this fish is fresh. If it sinks and takes a while to regain form, this is a fish to avoid. Fish that is fresh really does not have a “fishy” smell to it, and if it does then you can bet that it has sat longer than you would like. Another indicator that the fish is fresh at the market is look at its gill area. If the gill region is bright deep red in color, this fish is fresh.

Limitless Recipe Options

One of the truly great things about fish is that it seems like there are limitless options when it comes to recipes. You can find many wonderful recipes over the Internet on cooking sites and forums, or you can simply ask your grandparents how they did it when you were still a kid. More than likely they have a few great ideas on how it can be done, as fishing has always been a part of life regardless of the location.

Eating Oily Fish

Eating Oily Fish for Health

Eating Oily Fish

Fish Oil supplements such as Cod Liver Oil, together with Omega-3s and Essential Fatty Acids are extremely popular at the moment for their health benefits and their usage in improving the symptoms of many different diseases and disorders.

However, many of these same benefits can also be received from eating oily fish such as mackerel and herring. Oily fish are the richest source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids so we should make them a regular part of our diet.

Compared to Mediterranean diets, where fresh fish are regularly caught from their shores as well as being surrounded by olive groves, fruit trees and vegetable harvests, we typically do not include a good intake of oily fish in our diets.

Studies have shown that Mediterranean’s, like the Eskimos who survive on large amounts of fish and marine animals, have far lower rates of heart disease, eczema and psoriasis and better levels of general health compared to other Western countries.

A diet rich in essential fatty acids in the form of fish and vegetable oils, together with fresh, unrefined fish, fruit and vegetables is responsible for good health and well being. These foods are abundant in rural areas of France, Greece, Italy and Spain and scientists believe it is the combination of these natural foods which accounts for the good health of these nations.

Other nations, such as our own, tend to favour meat over fish with meat containing higher levels of saturated fat which, in large quantities, will increase the depositing of cholesterol in the arteries, raising the risk of heart attacks and thrombosis. Moving to a diet rich in fresh fish, fruit and vegetables and low in animal fats reduces or eliminates this risk substantially.

Buying or selecting fresh fish can be difficult in our supermarkets and shops as not all fish contain the essential fatty acids which are so beneficial to our health. Pre-packed foods and ready-made meals containing fish just wont provide the benefits of fresh fish. It is worth the effort to visit a large supermarket or fishmonger who will have a much larger selection of fish which contain the fats we need.

A range of Oily Fish which provides the Omega-3s so beneficial to our health include;

– Anchovies

– Bass

– Carp

– Cod

– Haddock

– Halibut

– Herring

– Lake trout

– Mackerel

– Mullet

– Rainbow trout

– Red snapper

– Salmon

– Sardines

– Sole

– Sprats

– Squid

– Swordfish

– Tuna

Note that Tuna should be bought fresh and not tinned, as the fish oil is commonly drained off and replaced with refined vegetable oils.

The best way to gain the benefits of oily fish is to eat the fish raw and if you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, you should enjoy this Sushi style food. If you are unable to eat raw fish or just don’t like eating fish in this manner the next best method is to bake your fish before eating it as this will preserve the Essential Fatty Acids in the fish more effectively than grilling or frying.

By making fresh oily fish a regular part of your diet you will be improving your health and reaping the benefits of the Omega-3s and Essential Fatty Acids they contain.

The Marlborough Natural Health Centre

The Marlborough Natural Health Centre

The Marlborough Natural Health Centre

The Marlborough Natural Health Centre

The Marlborough Natural Health Centre sadly closed its doors in 2008, having been based at 47 Kingsbury Street Marlborough for over 8 years. The Wellbeing Centre is now continuing the good work in Marlborough and many of the therapist can be found there.

Justina has now opened The Healthy Life Company in Devizes Wiltshire a health food, lifestyle and gift shop. Whilst Emma Comfort is continuing with her fabulous treatments and is available for appointments in Marlborough and Devizes as well as home visits.

Justina is still seeing clients but only at her clinic in Devizes

Therapies are available in Devizes, at our lovely centre based above The Healty Life health food and gift store. Along with that, health insurance services are also available. See for more details.

Our natural food store stocks a wide range of unrefined and organic whole foods; hard to find ingredients for cooking, baking, home brewing; items for special diets and a selection of yeast free traditional artisan breads. We also offer vitamin & mineral supplements, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, homeopathy, natural skin care and feminine hygiene products. All our household cleaning products are environmentally friendly.