Why There Is A Need For Inpatient Rehabilitation

Substance abuse is a huge problem in today’s society. Addiction is a horrible disease that is indiscriminate in those it affects. Once an addiction is so extreme there are few options for full recovery. This is why there are substance abuse rehabilitation centers that offer inpatient rehabilitation for those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both.


There are many kinds of addictions, the most common being drugs and alcohol. An addiction takes over a person’s life. Not only does an addiction affect their body physically, it affects relationships with family and friends and has a major impact on the mental health and status of an addict.

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One of the first steps in rehabilitation is the detoxification process. This process is usually conducted under the supervision of a medical team. It allows an addict’s body to cleanse itself from the harmful effects of drugs. Addictions are fed by the body’s need to have that drug in order to function properly. Detox is not a fun process; it is often dangerous and can have serious consequences. This is why it’s so important to have medical supervision.


Once an individual suffering from an addiction, be it drug abuse or alcohol abuse, goes through detox, the real recovery can begin. Rehabilitation comes from the French, to live, so basically it is teaching people how to live again. Those who suffer from addiction have been living their life solely for their addiction. Once that is taken away they need to find a renewed purpose and need to learn how to function again in society. Rehabilitation helps them accomplish this.

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Counseling is an integrative part of rehabilitation. Counseling helps the recovering addict cope with the feelings that lead them to addiction. Oftentimes those suffering from a substance abuse problem have a co-occurring disorder such as post-traumatic stress disorder or depression.


Therapy can be conducted in a variety of settings. There is group therapy where addicts, as a group, will cope with feelings of addiction and withdrawal. There is also individual therapy which is similar to counseling but at a more intensive level. There are different approaches to therapy as well. Sometimes people choose a more holistic approach.


The only way to a successful recovery is to fully complete an addiction recovery program. Completion does not mean when the inpatient rehab is over. Aftercare refers to the care after inpatient treatment that deals with addiction issues. It is important for those in recovery to seek these services out and use them. They will continue the education process regarding recovery and instill more tools and resources that will lead to a successful recovery and a happy healthy life.

When it comes to kicking addiction, inpatient rehabilitation is the surest way to go. The tools and resources provided in the rehabilitation center are invaluable and will last a lifetime. In addition to the tools and resources, friendships are made. This type of recovery will allow for a safe medical detox in conjunction with counseling and therapy. Anyone suffering from an addiction should seek help, it could save their life.